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  • The Unrevealed Truth
    Summer vacation was not that exciting for Anu at the age of fifteen, as it was at ten. But she felt a little desire to meet her cousins in the village when her mom informed her that they were going to her paternal home in the coming June of 1999. Since she was just ten … Continue reading The Unrevealed Truth
  • Pain-killer For A Killer Pain
    “No water around? I am thirsty”. I asked no one in particular, but she replied, “There is a deep-sea”. “Where?” I asked. Staring at the clouds in the stretched blue sky, she replied obliviously, “I am carrying it within me everywhere I am wandering”. I rubbernecked at my cousin’s face and found pain spreading its … Continue reading Pain-killer For A Killer Pain
  • Revenge
       Jenny was holding her coffee mug in one hand and TV remote in another. She was sipping coffee while watching her favorite show, but at intervals she was also watching from the core of her eyes towards the dinning table, where her younger brother was playing some stupid game ( according to her ) … Continue reading Revenge