Be A Giver

    One morning, I woke up to realise that it’s 30th October, my birthday. My 10th birthday. It has been always the most awaited day for me through out the whole year. I knew there will be a party in evening as usual. I will get lots of gifts, I thought, and that it will be a happy day for sure. I jumped out of the bed and rushed to the kitchen, where my mom was preparing some delicious dish for me. We hugged each other and she wished me “happy birthday”.
     She took me towards the corridor, where my gift, a new big bicycle was waiting for me. I really needed it because the old one was quite small for me now. I thanked my mother. Then she said that I should give the smaller bicycle to our maid’s son Sonu. I suddenly became angry. How could she say that. It was my birthday. I was not supposed to give some thing others but only to get.
   I made up my mind to not to celebrate my birthday and decided to not accept any gifts. But when I handed over my cute bicycle to little Sonu, he was overwhelmed with happiness. He was touching the bicycle and then my hands again and again and saying “thank you bhaiya”. I saw there was a beautiful smile on his face. I was also smiling. His eyes, where I always found fear and hesitation, were filled with happiness now. It was the happiest moment for me. I realised that happiness is not only in getting but also in giving. Be a Giver and you would be a Happy person. 

Suman Yadav

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