Jenny was holding her coffee mug in one hand and TV remote in another. She was sipping coffee while watching her favorite show, but at intervals she was also watching from the core of her eyes towards the dinning table, where her younger brother was playing some stupid game ( according to her ) on the laptop. Some minutes earlier they were fighting for the remote. It was an everyday scene in their home. Jenny heard her phone ringing. It was Roma, her best friend. As soon as she put the TV remote on the table, her brother ran and pick it up quickly. He sat on the sofa like a king stretching his legs on the table. Jenny gave him a disgusting look and he put on a “Jo jeeta wahi sikandar” smile.
   “Hello” Jenny received the call in her stylish voice as usual. Roma from the other side screamed with excitement, “Listen Jenny! There is a big sale in that new shopping mall. Let’s go there.” “Okay okay” Jenny replied, “I will be there in fifteen minutes.” Roma again screamed, “Make it fast baby, otherwise Nisha and Simran will grab all the beautiful and hot dresses.” Jenny laughed and turned to go to her room. She bumped into her mother, who was standing just behind her and trying to listen to her talk with Roma. She said plainly “Jenny I have a work for you.” “But mamma … I have to go with Roma.” Jenny begged. Her mamma replied without looking at her, “Yes I heard, but you have to go to bank and do my work. “Looking at disappointed Jenny, she suggested, “You can do both the works today… Can’t you. “Jenny’s mamma was sometimes more friendly than a friend. She hugged her mamma happily and planned first to do shopping with Roma and then go to the bank.
   Jenny and Roma were attacking on one clothe after another. Finally they have lots of clothes for trial then they were to decide which of them they are going to purchase. Many women were already waiting outside the trial room, but any how Jenny got entered into a vacant changing room. And she took it’s full advantage by trying the dresses taking her time comfortably. After an hour both the girls were ready to go back to their houses giggling and making plans for evening.
    At 2 pm Jenny was on the way to the bank. She remembered how she used to postpone her works when her father was on his tours for two or three days. This time he was sent to Singapore for a year. So this time Jenny and her mother have to do all their works themselves. When she reached and met the concerned officer, she was said to wait. After twenty minutes, Jenny again asked the lady to do her work but she again advised her to wait. After one hour Jenny lost her patience. This time the banker also got irritated and the two ladies argued for five minutes. For other staff members and customers, it was a short amusement which brought them some relief from monotonous atmosphere of the office. Jenny had no options, except waiting. She was murmuring and cursing the Indian systems. When she was tired, she became silent. The lady banker kept her waiting for two hours for a signature. Finally Jenny was called up and her paper work was completed. When Jenny was about to leave the lady said to her, “I hope now you will value others time also. And you won’t push others to occupy a trial room and keep them waiting for a long time.” Jenny saw the lady attentively and recalled that in the shopping mall she hurriedly entered the trial room when this lady was just an inch far from it. Jenny headed to her house thinking about the strange revenge of the banker.

Suman Yadav

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